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Dealer Communications Inc. (DCI) is a marketing and communications company.

It was established in 1991 by the Canadian Association of Japanese Automobile Dealers (CAJAD) to research, develop and sell new products and systems to car dealers. DCI had a special focus on expediting the use of emerging business technology in dealer operations. It led the country in building a dealer web portal to provide information and service to its members.
By 2000, DCI was making good progress as CAJAD's business subsidiary, but the association had come to reach its overarching political, lobbying and industry promotion objectives. It therefore chose to wind up all operations and close shop.

A sizeable surplus was returned to its dealer members on dissolution. Dealer Communications Inc. was taken over by Brian Bain Caldwell, the former Executive Director of the association and DCI’s President. He continues as the owner and Principal Partner of the company. 
DCI helps its clients create and implement change, improve brand awareness and cement customer loyalty...all through integrated internal and external communications. 

The company has a network of accomplished auto, retail and loyalty management experts in Canada. DCI has served a variety of clients including: car dealers, car dealer associations, industry sector councils, software developers, publishers, customer loyalty companies and leasing system suppliers.

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Brian Caldwell's experience....

Brian B. Caldwell...Some FAQs and GAs

An exciting, innovative, productive strategist and businessman”

Q: Who is this Caldwell anyway?

A: He’s a solid SME executive…generalist, people-oriented B/A personality, a mind for strategy, an eye for detail. An innovator, lateral thinker and great communicator who can write, talk with the media and stand up to pitch. He can work a political room and park his ego. He listens, follows, leads and builds inclusive relationships with stakeholders that endure. He’s certified comfortable in any organizational culture – not-for-profit, private business, entrepreneurial, Crown Corporation and government service.

Q: Seem like the qualities we like, but what’s he actually done?

A. The key point is that he’s built teams and gotten things done - on-time and on-budget. He’s delivered:

Marketing & Communications Strategies ●Raised $18 million to finance multi-year scientific R&D projects ●Positioned national association as a “must consult” for policy makers ●Designed, financed and ran promotional contests nationally and regionally ●Planned growth strategies for start-up software company which sold $600k year one ●Sold services &/or products to the public, governments, car dealers, car makers and associations ●Obtained millions in government grants and partner financing for issue research projects ●Sold commercial and residential properties as a licensed real estate agent.

Dynamic people management & good governance ●Restructured and managed staff (50+) of a quasi-judicial regulatory agency ●Led scientific R&D company profitably ($5m budgets, 45 staff) ●Mobilized business owners in grassroots lobbying campaigns ●Achieved financial turn-around of registered charity as a director and Secretary-Treasurer ●Managed government-industry research projects ●Created partnerships with advertisers, co-sponsors and other industry groups ●Earned close-to-zero staff turnover and high respect from external stakeholders ● Achieved excellent staff-board relations in several capacities ●Consistently developed and met annual budgets.

Research & applications of new technology ●Designed, launched and managed B2C and B2B web sites ●Championed use of new software and systems to car dealers and manufacturers ●Designed computer-manual system interfaces for driver and vehicle records; trained staff to achieve successful conversion ●Managed development of materials handling, rail bus and steerable truck products and research of advanced tunnel lining technology.

Q.: And what’s this about public policy?

A: Well…He’s lobbied change from within government and from the private sector. Q: How?

A: By creating win-win propositions, treating the policy maker as a client and selling mutual benefits. He’s helped to achieve: ●Regional economic development by precipitating the fixed crossing between PEI and NB ●A vibrant Canadian transit industry ●A more attractive investment climate for auto manufacturers under fairer trade rules ●A more efficient marketplace for consumers by reduced auto tariffs ●Better federal auto industry policy by engaging retail and consumer concerns ●Safer roads through better driver and vehicle laws and direction of safety organizations ●Better goods transportation through re-regulation of the for-hire trucking industry.

Q: Sounds good so far! With whom has he worked?

A: Since 2002, with Various Clients through his consulting company, Dealer Communications Inc.

Recent clients include ●TSi Auto Solutions (start up, product development, marketing, financing and software sales) ●Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (web site strategy, RFP management and site build) ●Canadian Auto World (articles on auto industry policy issues) ●Individual car dealers (marketing and operational research ●The CARS Council (market demand study for e-learning initiative). Before that he excelled in a variety of positions…

1987-2002: Canadian Association of Japanese Automobile Dealers.

Executive Director/COO and President/CEO of two subsidiary companies.

Reported to a national board of elected volunteers ●Developed annual budgets ($1 million) and met financial performance targets ●Designed and executed communications programs to build credibility with governments, media, industry, public and members ●Ran national contests to build brand image ●Increased non-dues revenues through advertising and product sales ●Researched and analyzed complex trade, industry and regulatory matters ●Developed and marketed public policy recommendations that helped to achieve freer trade and more competitive markets ●Published highly regarded quarterly business operations magazine ●Directed informative B2C web site and led development of a highly functional B2B web portal.

Partnered with universities and colleges to develop and implement new opportunities in retailing education ●Lectured to students on the auto industry ●Inspired government-industry policy and research coalitions ●Solicited and received government and private capital for research and student employment initiatives ●Managed strategic and financial relations with the international auto manufacturers in Canada, the U.S. and in Japan ●Created working alliances with other dealer associations in Canada and abroad.

1980-86: Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC) group.

Executive Vice President and COO, UTDC Research & Development Ltd. and its successor, Transportation Technology Ltd. (1983-86).

Leveraged the parent company’s transit system technology by applying it to other markets ●Raised several millions of dollars annually from the parent company, technology partners and government agencies ●Signed development contracts in excess of $15 million over three years ●Managed staff of 45, mostly professional engineers ●Executive responsibility for technical and financial project performance ●Operated with small annual profits ●Projects involved the use of leading propulsion and rail technology for materials-handling and people-moving systems, rail and road vehicles.

Secretary to the Board and Executive Assistant to the President of five UTDC companies (1980-83).

Exercised all the normal duties of a corporate secretary including management of Board committee activities

Created effective interface between corporate executives and the President and Board ●Provided first level of contact with media and politicians ●Managed special executive hiring and compensation projects and office budget of $1M

Q: That’s pretty interesting. Did he do anything before UTDC?

A: Yes; there were progressively responsible management and policy development positions in the Government of Ontario, which included: Managing Director of the Ontario Highway Transport Board; Director of Research for a Select Committee of the Legislature; Executive Assistant to the Minister of Transportation and Communications; Co-ordinator, Intergovernmental Relations and Systems Analyst. Accomplishments included:

Reorganized the Ontario Highway Transport Board and refocused operating practices ●Partnered with internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement transportation policy ●Developed resources and trained staff on new computerized procedures to implement a Driver and Vehicle records computer-manual interface ●Liaised with the media, external lobby groups, other levels of government, and members of the Provincial Parliament ●Appeared before cabinet committees on related issues.

Q: And what of his education?

A: There’s lots; a combination of formal study and lessons from the street. There’s a BA with an economics major, and ●Courses and workshops in economics, French, sales and management ●previous License to practice in Real Estate ●Post graduate skills from hands-on experience with: ●Organizational and process improvement ●Product and business development ●Marketing ●Public relations ●Project and staff management ●Public speaking and presentation ●Fiscal and budget leadership ●Issue and product research ●Policy formation ●Partnership management ●Fund-raising.

Q: What about references?

A: They’re excellent and are available on request, as is a Portfolio.

Q: Sounds like he could help us! How do I reach him?

A: It’s easy! Call or text (416) 720-2273, email: or write: 73 Niagara St. Collingwood, On L9Y 3X4.

Another Bio Format

Brian B. Caldwell (705) 444-6268

Good Ideas, Good Teams, Good Management

Brian Caldwell is an executive generalist with a record of innovation and relationship building in business, entrepreneurial, not-for-profit, Crown Corporation and government cultures. He’s led million $ plus organizations and delivered the:

Dedicated teams of inspired people that are necessary for organizational success:

PR, marketing and brand communications that are needed to create stakeholder satisfaction and customer loyalty;

Partnerships and capital that enable new projects;

Research, analysis and ideas that foster continuous enterprise and/or product improvement;

Sound financial and corporate governance which are both fundamental to a strong, growing organization.

A few Employment and Experience Details…

I Dealer Communications Inc. (‘02-Present). DCI is a wholly-owned consulting services company through which Caldwell has acted from time to time as a ●Sales agent for several products including: a web-based marketing system that utilizes client action videos to create rich one-to-one opportunities; a customer loyalty program for independent retailers and groups thereof; a web based Employment Testing System and, a line of Electric Bikes. He has also Advised re: the feasibility of a REIT for car dealers ●Led start up, corporate financing, product development, marketing, and substantial first year sales of a financial analysis software system for car dealers ●Developed web site strategies, RFPs and managed site builds ●Researched and written published articles on auto industry issues ●Undertaken (as part of a team) a market demand study for an auto technician e-learning initiative ●Surveyed dealer compensation and competitive product offerings.

II Canadian Association of Japanese Automobile Dealers (CAJAD) (‘87–‘02). This pan-Canadian non-profit industry association had 1,000+ small business members and six auto manufacturing companies as strategic partners (Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota). Created to establish an equitable position for the Japanese auto industry in Canada and to help its dealers maximize their profits, CAJAD had a $1 million+ annual budget. It voluntarily wound up following successful completion of its political mandate and returned a sizeable surplus to its members. Mr. Caldwell served as: Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer and ● President of Dealer Communications Inc. and Test Drive Canada Inc., both wholly owned subsidiaries of the Association. He delivered a full range of services to members, including: lobbying, business seminars and publications, industry web sites and national public relations promotions. The Association impacted Canadian decisions regarding tariffs and free trade and was a strong voice for the importance of retailing to the auto industry and economy in general. CAJAD lead the industry in creating a web presence for its dealers and in providing provocative commentary to members. Its national Test Drive Canada contest was innovative and has not been equalled.

III Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC) group (‘80–‘86). Originally owned by the Government of Ontario, it developed and delivered transit systems using world-leading system control and propulsion technologies. The group was sold to SNC Lavalin in’85/86 and later to Bombardier. Mr. Caldwell held several senior positions including: ●Secretary to the Boards and Executive Assistant to the President of five UTDC companies. ●Executive Vice President/COO, UTDC Research & Development Ltd. (and its successor, Transportation Technology Ltd.). The R&D Company raised several million $ annually to underwrite a combination of pure and applied research which led to the application of UTDC’s core technologies to markets outside transit. The R&D Company was instrumental in generating the technical and political will to complete the fixed crossing between New Brunswick and PEI.

IV Ontario Government. Mr. Caldwell held a variety of management and policy development assignments over several years. Positions included: ●Executive Assistant to the Minister of Transportation and Communications ●Director of Research for a successful Select Committee ●Managing Director of the Ontario Highway Transport Board ●Co-ordinator, Intergovernmental Affairs ●Computer Systems Analyst.

V Miscellaneous. Caldwell was a ●Real estate agent for a short period in the 80’s, prior to the CAJAD position. More recently, he has held part time positions as: ●Customer Greeter (Blue Mountain Ski Resort) in 2011 and 2012 and ●Player Assistant (aka Starter/Marshall) at Cranberry Golf Resort in 2010 & 11.Both were PR/marketing opportunities with some “enforcement” responsibilities.

Caldwell can be reached now at: 705 444 6268 or