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Never sit in hot lava!

Communicating is the juice of life; too often it's left in the fridge.

There is a time and place for ready, aim, fire; are there others when ready, fire, aim might be better?

The steps to successful product and service development are well known. But it takes discipline to follow them.

Whatever you do, remember the chicken test.


Rent us or Lease us; Short term or Long term.

You'll be amazed at the difference a little DCI logic and discipline can make


  • Advised on adapting and launching a loyalty program for car dealers in Canada

  • Created operating requirements and content for web site of a new auto leasing company; also established initial marketing and communications targets 

  • Developed web strategy to help consumers learn more about buying and selling used cars

  • Advised - in concert with a large Investment Bank & Private Investor  on the feasibility of a REIT for car dealers

  • Advised the importer on market opportunities for Electric Bikes in smaller communities


  • Led - with the company President -  the start up, corporate financing, product development, marketing and initial sales for a financial analysis software system


  • Developed web site strategy, managed RFP and site build management for a car dealers' association

  • Researched and wrote articles on auto industry policy issues for Canadian auto publication

  • Undertook - with a multi-faceted consulting team - a national market demand study for e-learning initiatives in the auto repair sector


  • Surveyed and analyzed compensation practices of car dealers.


  • Marketed and sold variety of products to car dealers, including employee testing and evaluation systems

  • Designed and managed co-op community promotional marketing campaigns and national promotional contests

  • Organized business seminars for retailers and manufacturers in all regions of Canada




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